Flow Hive Classic Coroplast Sheet

Anyone know the dimensions of the cloroplast sheet for the flowhive classic? I’m needing to replace mine but it got destroyed before I was able to get good dimensions.

Hi Matt, hopefully someone can give you exact numbers - meanwhile I thought I’d try to help :nerd_face:

I have Flow classics too but have since replaced the screened bottoms with solids (plus slatted racks) so I don’t have a coroplast sheet around to measure for ya - but I have been known to jimmy a new one from an old yard sign. It needs to be just a hair under the inside width of the Langstroth dimension to slide easily, then for length it should reach to the inside front and lap to the outside back so you can grab it. So the length is basically same as the length of inside Lang + thickness of the back box wall.

The corflute is about 17 x 12 6/10’’ for the 6 frame and 17 x 14 1/2’’ for the 7 frame but make sure to measure the width you will need just to be safe.

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I’ll measure for sure. Thank you for getting this info to me, I appreciate it.

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An old yard sign is a great idea!! Someone did send some measurements my way. Thank you for getting back to me.