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Flow Hive Controversy?


This is an email I have just sent to Flow. I am interested in other opinions and responses to my question below.

I read about this invention in the virgin blue magazine on my flight in december to visit my family for christmas. I was so excited. Always wanted to raise my own bees and eat some made honey. This seemed to make it all so easy. I did not grab the name so googled something like “bees hive byron bay flow tap”. I got to your site but also found so many negative links to your invention. More so than positive ones. I feel so saddenend as my uneducated understanding seemed to resonate with the cases against your invention. I was hoping to find some of your responses to these concerns in your faq but there does not seem to be a discussion. I am interested and open to your responses to the concerns raised in these sites. One such site is below.

Kindest Regards,


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