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Newbee in Cornwall

Hi, I’m looking to purchase a Flow Hive but I’m looking to understand who else in Cornwall has a Flow Hive? As I’ve had a mixed response from a local bee keeping group, and want to learn the basics and get local advice.

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Welcome to the forum Scott and hope you get contact with local users of Flow Hives. Die-hard traditional bee keepers reject anything different to how they do their bee keeping.
A whole new way of taking honey from a hive can be totally rejected without even seeing a Flow Hive.
I have 4 Flow Hives in my apiary of Langstroth hives because I wanted to know about the pro’s and con’s and got some hands on knowledge about them.
I look at a Flow Hive as no different to a ‘normal’ bee hive, it is providing a home for the bees that you can manage them in. Only when it comes time to harvest the honey that things are different.
The best way with a bee group which has a closed mind is to use them for general bee keeping care and management advice and not say anything about a Flow Hive, or if you find other Flow Hive users then have your own sub group.