Ordered my flow hive

So I ordered my Flow Hive today. Pretty excited. Based on what I have read and seeing the shipping dates by the time I get it I will hopefully be ready to put them on the hive.

When the stuff arrives I will post pictures!



To see your photos, we’ll all be in for a LONG wait.

Sit back and try and relax and don’t trust what you see on the shipping dates, these dates haven’t changed since I ordered mine in Dec 15. I suspect that they don’t change the dates to try and lure in more customers.

Fear not. Their shipping dates are fairly accurate at this point. As with all things there will be outliers on both sides of the spectrum that got them way faster or way slower then the norm. The vast majority of people get their hives and frames within several weeks to a month of the estimates, and as the factory catches up with production and the initial purchase leave the warehouse this will only get more and more accurate.


Agree, Flow Hive Team have added some new members and have improved a lot. It is hard being a start up! even thought I had a delay and a missed placed shippment, My hats still go off to the entire team

Being in the logistics field I can truly understand the issues they have most likely encountered dealing with manufacturing and shipping all over the world. Sometimes solving problems from thousands of miles away is easier said than done. Without having someone on the ground in each location with your best interests in mind it is difficult to ensure everything is exactly how it should be.

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Well today I logged in to check the forum and also looked at my order status. Went to queued today. Original order was on the 29th of March so I will take that as a positive. Bee’s arrive on the 1st of May so both myself and my son are pretty excited.

Well I got my shipped notification yesterday with FEDEX tracking number. Hive will arrive on the 26th of this month. So I would say for at least the US is concerned the long wait issues have been addressed. I will post pictures once I get everything and get it assembled.

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Hive arrived at my door yesterday. I work away from my home so I will get to look at everything on Friday. My son looked at everything in the box. I will lay it all out and put it together that night. More to follow…

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My son and I put the flow hive together today! Everything fit together just fine. No missing pieces. The only issue was a crack on the back panel on the roof. It got larger when I screwed it to the roof sides. I drilled out the pilot hole to keep it from splitting any further but that did not help. Will send a message to the flow folks and get them to send another piece.