Still waiting for the shipment

I was really exited to know that items were shipping earlier than expected and I thought I’ll be getting mine a little early. Unfortunately, I’m not getting my hive as estimated nor getting a respond to my emails and I find that very upsetting. is there anyone facing the same thing?

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Have you checked your junk mail and spam folders? Because they are a business their emails can mistaken for spam and filtered out. Make sure their email address is recognized by your filters as a good one.

I have done a search with your email address and I can’t find any recent emails from you. The last email was 5 months ago.
Are you emailing us here - or
You need to go down to the bottom part where it says “email us below”
Otherwise it only does a search through our FAQs on our website.

We have sent updates re December deliveries recently. If you have not received an email about your december delivery - then please contact our Customer Support staff via email so that they can assist you.

Any idea the latest on shipping status? Last email went un answered. Ordered in March. Expecting Dec ship date. No update other than I saw shipping delays. Curious when I might expect??? It’s been a long wait!

It has been a long wait but bear in mind this is a start up company so all management and logistics have to start from zero. Then there’s the factories with tooling, engineering, staff training etc etc. Given the orders are about two orders of magnitude higher than expected, I reckon they are doing OK. My order is “queued” for December delivery and it may or may not arrive in the next three days. Either way I don’t mind. The Flow gave me the incentive to get into beekeeping and I’m finding plenty to keep me busy.


The last update was that December shipments would be delayed several weeks until January. So you just have to hang on just a bit longer

I have done a search with your email address and the last email we received from you was 6 months ago.
Please have a look at the above - Still waiting for the shipment

yes - I have checked there as well.

Thank you Faroe. I will send another email. I was just looking for updated ETA since it appears Dec probably isn’t in the cards. The order details still say December. If that were updated that would cut down on a lot of questions I’d imagine.

Let it be known that shipments are going out. I ordered two 6 frame full flows with boxes, and they arrived yesterday. They said December 2015 delivery, and they hit. I ordered Feb 27th. I’m sure those waiting on orders placed in Feb/Mar will see their deliveries soon. Not too bad for a company that didn’t exist 11 months ago.

Thanks, Flow-ers.