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Flow hive roof delivered broke

I just received my flow hive roof today and when I opened it up one of the shingle panels had a big chunk taken ok of the corner, will I be able to get just the broken piece replaced, or will I have to send it all back and replace the whole thing?

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You should email info@honeyflow.com and I’ll tag @Freebee2 to give them a heads up.

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Ok thank you. Will do.

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When you do, be sure to include your original order number and the photo that you posted here.

Plus you will need to say whether you want delivery of any replacement to Stormwind or Ironforge…

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We received a part that was broken during shipping, we emailed the folks at customer service and sent a photo of the piece and the order number on the package and they immediately shipped out a new piece. No problem, fantastic customer service .


Yes they are fantastic, I emailed them last night and like 20 minutes later I got an email saying that another one was on the way, if only all companies were this great


Keep it as a spare. Other than esthetics it won’t make a difference to the bees and a bit of wood filler and sand paper will sort that out.

Glad you got it resolved. Flow customer services and the team are great.

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Just goes to show that being a Vulpera can pay off, when you have friends to back you up! :wink:

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That is very true. :smiley:

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