Missing parts no support

Received my Full Hive, the flow key access cover is missing. I’ve emailed customer service, the special early bird supporter email that came with the hive and posted on flow hive Facebook page. No answer from anyone. How do I get in touch with flow hive to get the missing part?

Hi there. I had the same issue, with the same part missing. Contacted support, and got a reply in a day or so, and the part arrived about a week later.

Give it another day or so - it has been a public holiday in Australia.

Seems a few people have had this problem. From other posts, it seems that they suggest you e-mail info@honeyflow.com with your order number and the e-mail address you used to place the original order, so that they can track down your details. If you can attach a photo, that often helps them to identify what is missing too - I know, how can you photograph a missing part?.. but you know what I mean! :wink:


Thanks so much for the replies. I just received an email from flow hive saying they will take care of it. :blush:


Awesome! :smile: Good luck with the hive and your bees. Keep asking questions here if anything else comes up, we have a great community.


You are doing better than me.
I emailed them three days ago due to many missing plugs and have just been ignored.

Seriously - its been a weekend, then a public holiday in Australia. Most people didn’t go back to work until Wednesday. Give them a chance to catch up!

Hang in there, it took five days to receive my response, but I got one. (It came from the founding supporters email I sent)