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Flying Insect Identification



I was wondering if anyone could identify this insect.
It appears to be a Wasp / Hornet ?
It is burrowing underground in the garden bed.



I wonder if it could be a type of Digger Wasp?


Looks more like a beetle than a wasp to me. :blush:


Thanks for replies.

Dan…I looked up the Digger Wasp and some of them do look a lot like mine, so you may be correct.
If so, it seems theyre not that dangerous unless they feel theyre being attacked and move on after a couple of months.

Dawn…If you zoom in a bit you can see the yellow stripes on its back which makes me think wasp/hornet.
Heres another photo showing its back more clearly, once again need to zoom in a bit for a better view.


Yes, I can see it better in that photo, thank you. :blush:


Most certainly a wasp of the beneficial kind. Nice to have them around the house.


The ones that look like that around here are mud daubers.


Most social wasps are beneficial. They just become a nuisance when the nest matures and the larvae don’t feed the adult foragers any longer.


Looks like a dirt dobber, some of them around our place have a little different coloring but the shape is significantly similar. Their nests will be from the size of a golf ball to a tennis ball and look like chunks of mud with holes.


I think it is a wasp and there are some wasps that are beneficial for the society. Some of the most common wasps are paper wasps and also known as umbrella nests because of the unique way in which they build their nests.


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