G’day from Caboolture Queensland

Thanks to the Bee Keeping display at the Redcliffe show this year I have now assembled my first hive and will be picking up my Nuc from Two Busy Bees Honey on Tuesday evening.
Can’t remember the last time I was this excited.


Hi & welcome to the forum Billy. I’m just up the road from you in Buderim. My eldest son lives in Caboolture. He has a few hives going.

You picked a good time to get into bees. It’s shaping up to be a bumper season.

Hi Jeff and thank you
Assuming you are an experienced bee keeper considering it runs in the family I hope you don’t mind if I lean on you for advice from time to time.
Nice to know someone in the same area who understands the climate for local knowledge

You’re welcome Billy. We’re here to help for those who want to learn. Feel free to ask any questions. I joined the forum initially to help others, however it has been a two-way street. My beekeeping has changed a lot for the better on account of stuff I learnt from others on this forum.

My son Stephen, who works at Bunnings in the plant section at Caboolture started keeping bees a couple of years ago. Hopefully he keeps it up.



That sounds absolutely wonderful! Congratulations on assembling your first hive! Beekeeping can be such a fascinating and rewarding experience. It’s fantastic that the Bee Keeping display at the Redcliffe show inspired you to start your own journey with bees. Picking up your nucs from Two Busy Bees Honey must be an exciting moment for you.

Remember, beekeeping requires care and attention, but it’s also incredibly fulfilling. You’ll get to witness the marvels of these amazing creatures and the wonders they bring to our environment. Best of luck with your new hive, and may you enjoy every moment of this buzzing adventure!

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