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G'day from Ipswich, Australia


Hi guys, ordered my Flow hive yesterday. Very excited.

Have joined the local Beekeepers club. And bought a couple of decent books.

Looking forward to starting up!



Hi Kevin, well done. I’m at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. You’ll be all set up for Spring.


I’ll be calling you soon Jeff. :blush:


Welcome abroad from States side. I’ve done the same. Mine should start arriving very soon as I’m following the shipping notices ! I have three standard langstroth hives n one double deep five frame Nuc I plan transferring to my new Flow-hive.

Enjoy n good luck bro.

Gerald in Washington state.


Thank you Gerald! The post office say I should receive the boxes on Tuesday. Exciting.

I know your part of the world fairly well. My wife is American and her folks live in Dayton WA.


Well good to their word my boxes arrived just now! Exciting! Now to get building.