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Greetings from Louisiana


My husband and I are 1st time beekeepers and we live in Folsom, Louisiana on 7 acres. We have 1 flow hive and 1 langstroth hive with a flow super. What got us interested in beekeeping is the benefits of local honey for allergies, the necessity of bees to our environment and the honey itself! The flow hive looked like a fabulous way to get started in beekeeping because it seems to have a way of simplifying things. My stepdad also has 2 hives and I have seen and helped him process his honey, it definitely takes work. In the end, worth it no matter what. The 2 NUCs we purchased have taken off! The bees have adjusted to their hives and within 7 weeks of placing the bees in their new homes, we had our 1st signs of honey. We are approaching our 1st honey flow on tap extraction sometime in the next few weeks, if the bees keep up their current pace. I created a blog, to document our beekeeping experience it, and you can find it at: https://nola5049.wixsite.com/smithfamforest
I look forward to reading posts on the Flow Forum and continuing to learn and enjoy new things.


Wauw! nice website, beautiful.