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Harvesting from flow hive - Western Australia



My bees want to know what’s going on behind the flow hive while harvesting so l have been struggling with changing jars while wearing gloves with sticky honey and wind blowing the plastic glad wrap. We came up with this solution which works brilliantly. Using a 25mm or 1 inch elbow and clear plastic tube attached to the honey collection tube and a 4 litre or 1 gallon container. Will put a photo on if I can work out how to do this! There is no gap for the bees to smell honey or drown themselves.


I have done similar- there is no advantage to having uncovered honey at the back of the hive whilst harvesting. Set up like this you can harvest in increments over an entire day:


Theoretically, honey can back up in the tube if air can’t escape.


That is a brilliant setup, however, what’s that funny roof you have on there??
…Just kidding. The roof is big improvement.


Enough room for air to escape but not for bees to suicide! Have been wondering about using 3 litre milk bottles but would volume be enough for 3.8 kg of honey?


It should be. Depending on exact water content, 3kg of honey is just over 2 litres, so 3.8kg should be much less than 3 litres.


Is there a technical reason for the golf ball there on the lid? I can’t remember if I asked this before :blush:


Yep. It is covering a sneaky harvesting hole. So he could drain 3 frames at once, but he is more moderate than that. :smile:


LOL I thought it was maybe to check the level of the container, aka if it’s completely horizontal, then the ball doesn’t roll.