How do folks get honey into jar while harvesting?

I’m about to harvest from my Flow super and I’m trying to figure out how to keep the bees from getting in the honey as it flows into a jar. Do other folks have any tubing setups that gets the honey into a jar without the bees flying into the open jar?

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If you use the magnifying glass at the upper right to search the forum, you will find links like this, which show my solution to your problem:

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You’re harvesting in Northern California now?

There are a lot of different ways but the easiest is to use a dish towel or some bee wrap to cover it. Usually I use an inverted quart yogurt container that I’ve drilled a hole for the tube near the base of the container.

If the bees are really busy or if you harvest when they’re not flying they usually don’t mind much.

Hi Jason,
The easiest way to prevent them from accessing the honey during harvest if you find this to be an issue is to cover the mouth of the jar surrounding the tube with a little cling wrap - a reuseable wax wrap would be even better if you have one.

Thanks for all the tips. I ended up using a wet dish towel over the tube and bucket and that worked well.

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