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Harvesting in Costa Rica


Hello, I am from Costa Rica and I´m interesting in buying a flow hive, I would like to know if this flow hive has good results on breeds from this tropical weather, I´m new on this, so any good advice will be helpful.



Hi Daniel, the best advice I could give would be to seek out a local bee club or association & ask questions there. The flow hive is the same as a traditional Langstroth hive except for the system of harvesting the honey. Everything about managing pests, disease & swarming remains the same. One issue for the flow hive could be if your local honey sets like jelly in the comb the same as jelly bush honey does. This is where local knowledge comes in handy.


Thank you sir, that was very helpful.


Hi, you are most welcome:)


Hi- we are the most beginning of beginners. Would you be willing to keep in touch with your progress as we hope to keep hives when we move to Costa Rica in 2018? How are you getting on?