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Hello from Pennsylvania


Hi Eva, I’m from Montgomery county too, Wynnewood. This is my first post since I noticed you were in my area. I have a flow hive and waiting on my bees to get here. I’m brand new to beekeeping and presently reading all of Michael Bush’s books. So happy to know that you’re in my area. I also ordered another 10 frame cedar hive, so I can harvest some honeycomb. I am hoping to keep bees anyway, unless they fly away. I have a big garden with many veggies and blossoms, so I need the bees for my garden.


Hi Lynn! That’s great, you’re not very far from me in Oreland. I grew up in Wayne actually, so I’m familiar with Wynnewood. I’m a first time beekeeper too, always wanted them & took the plunge with the Flow hive. I just have one & installed my package on 4/8. They’re doing well, in spite of me probably killing the first queen accidentally! What’s cool is that they made a new one right away, & now she’s laying eggs.

When do you get your bees? This forum has been wonderful for fast advice & support with learning. I do take a class, but have to say I’ve learned more on my own (thanks Michael Bush!) and this forum.

Anyway, glad you’re here too!



My bees come sometime next week. I’ve ordered a 10 frame hive, so I hope to split that hive and let them raise a queen on their own, at least that’s the plan. I’m so excited to have a couple of hives. The flow hive is beautiful and I can’t wait to see it working. I’m also considering getting an observation hive so I can really watch everything and learn from the bees. I would love an observation hive in the house somewhere, but I have to find a good place for it. Thank you for the welcome Eva!


Hi all I"m from Exeter near Reading Pa Berks county, I have the full flow hive since Apr with a 5 frame nuc, and recently started another 8 frame hive with a 5 framed nuc in May 8.

I have posted some of my hive inspection in the forum.

Also like to apologize for not posting sooner to this thread.

To all the beek’s on this forum l just like to say that you guys was right this is addicting.

I luv being a beek! :grinning:


I’m in SW Pa in Uniontown. I caught a massive swarm in early May for the Full Flow Hive. Then caught a 2nd swarm a week later for my TBH. Both Hives are doing great. I went foundation less on both so I am just now seeing nectar in the Flow Frames. Hopefully the flow continues and I can hope to Harvest. How are the frames working for everyone else here in Pa?


Hey PAers, my hive is going s l o w l y. Lost my first queen & they made a new one :sweat_smile: But I don’t have any comb in my second brood box yet, so no Flow frames for me this year. Seems like there’s a lot of nectar in my area though! Hope my colony gets to a good enough size to survive the winter at this point.



My name is Chris and I’m from Perry County, PA.

I am quite new to the beekeeping. About a week ago I thought non stop about getting into it and ever since I’ve done countless research and watched many vids. I’d love to take courses or join clubs to get to learn more before getting to deep and possibly making a mistake. If anyone knows any from around the area any information would be great! :slight_smile:


Hi Chris & welcome! So you’re in the research phase, good for you. Have you bought any equipment or set anything up yet? I think finding a local mentor and/or bee class first is a great idea. It’s nuts how many choices there are for tweaking your system, but there are some basics that are important to understand. One being how crucial your knowledge of your own local climate is to your bees’ success.

If you haven’t found any local beekeepers or classes by googling, I’d check to see if there’s an ag extension office near you, ask around at a feed store, and look for local honey being sold at your market that might have a name & address on the label. I’m thinking you might also have an Amish community near you too - beekeeping is common among Amish & other traditional farmers.

Who knows, maybe someone not far away will pop up here on the forum :grinning:

Good luck & keep in touch!


Hello Eva, nice to meet you and thanks for the warm welcome!

No I have not bought any equipment at all. I rather be fully ready and aware what i’m getting into before starting to put any money into it if you know what I mean. I got in touch with PA’s beekeeping society and they haven’t gotten back to me quite yet, though it’s only been a few days. I also messaged quite a few other places I found online including our local farm show committee to see if they had any information and they also haven’t gotten back to me yet. So just waiting patiently as I’m sure they should be able to provide so sort of help.

I heard there were classes at the farm show they did back in May or March, so I also want to find out if they are doing any more this year or if I may have to wait towards the following year to take any. Far as climate goes I’m hoping to learn from others in our area first to see what they do so I can get a take on what I should do. We do have quite a few missionaries and Amish around I guess I could look into asking around. Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:


The Amish are fantastic beekeepers (generally speaking, of course), so I would definitely try learning from them if you can. They have such a feel for doing things naturally and working with the bees. The only thing you may find is that they don’t much like the idea of Flow hives. Having said that, the Flow hive is just a new way of extracting honey, so I would be keen to learn as much as possible about general beekeeping from any experienced beekeeper in my area. If you have a local farmers’ market, that can be another place to meet beekeepers - especially as they may be selling local honey at this time of year.


I got in contact with the farm show committee and found someone locally that is willing to mentor me and show me all about beekeeping. The main thing I really am concerns with like I told him is I’d like to personally learn the correct way to do brood/hive checks, what to look for far as diseases etc,


Chris that’s good news! I’m sure there’ll be plenty to see & learn before winter. Maybe you’ll get a look at a few different kinds of hive setups people use in your area too.

Have fun!


You are showing remarkable determination and dedication in pursuing this interest. I am impressed! :blush: Your bees will be very lucky to have a home with you.


Thanks, that sure would be great :slight_smile:


Appreciate the kind words. Once I have my mind set to something I always work towards the goal till I can put a check beside it.


Eva here in SE PA, just north of Philly- over?


Zab here in Berks county outside Reading PA :grin:


Near Chambersburg , Pa


Hello Pennsylvania. Have one hive in Macungie, PA (Berks County). Came to Flow Forum to try to figure out why the hive died. Will read your posts with great interest and will keep at it.