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Hello from Tuscany

Hi we are Greg and Michelle

We have just ordered our first beehive and are awaiting delivery. It staring to come into spring late here in Tuscany.

We are new to the beekeeping world but are looking forward to learning all about the bee world.

If there are any other bee keepers in the Garfagnana region of Tuscany, or any one coming to the region please feel free to drop us a line.

Greg and Michelle


Good luck, hopefully you’ve been reading and studying. I see this is likely your first posting, please do not put the flow frames on your B’s until there busting at the seams and you likely may need a second brood box before putting the flow frames on, check with your local B club to find out what standard practice is. I am trying right now one brood box in the flow frames when it’s time. Past years I’ve always had to brood boxes and then the honey flow super on top. Trying something new this year will see of one brood box will work.

Were here to support just let us know, best of luck

Hi Marty

Many thanks. Yep a real newbie. We hope to catch a wild swarm here as we have seen a few around.

Was looking at the 2nd brood box after looking at different video’s on the net. Seems like a good idea,

Will keep looking and learning


Greg and Michelle