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Hi from Australia


Yari, when do you meet, or do you meet? I am in Cudgera Creek and would like to meet with other keepers. Caterina


Hi Caterina, we are not doing monthly meetups anymore, the best option is to post on the FB Group and say hi, and see if anyone is doing anything with their bees you could tag along to, or offer to have people come to your beehive and help out :wink:


Okay. Thanks Yari. :blush:


Gidday all, any Flow Hive people from Temora?


Hi all, new to this forums. Feeling excited.


Hi there. I’ve just signed up for the forum, had my flow hive since Christmas, got a nuc hive in Feb, harvested my first frame yesterday and had my hive swarm today! I’m in Tarragindi in brisbane. I have had bees a few years ago, with a traditional system, and I really think the flow hive is a fantastic Australian innovation. Now I just need to sort my post swarm hive!


Having read of this very same thing a few times now (recently) I trust someone of experience with Flow extraction is looking into this. It aint right, aint good, and aint kosha.
In the meantime consider using queen restrictors on entrances for a week or so after harvesting. And once that swarm is settled combine it back to the parent hive, removing any QCells or cups found in the Flow broodchamber first.



According to my bee maths, if a frame is harvested and then the bees swarm within 2 weeks of that time then they must have already been planning to swarm (ie made queen cells etc) prior to the harvest. If they abscond (all leave), then obviously this may be a precipitating factor, but swarming takes planning on the bees part.

In my (very limited) experience with bees over the past 2 years they undoubtedly draw normal frames much quicker than the flow frames. Whether this reluctance to store honey into the flow leads to swarming that may not otherwise happen I do not know. I guess if they backfill the brood best with honey instead of the flow then they are likely to swarm.

I wintered 3 hives this year with one brood box and one full (normal) honey super. I removed the Queen excluder on two hives and left one on. the one that I left the QX on swarmed first thing in spring, whilst the ones I essentially made into a double brood box did not. I think is likely because they ran out of room to lay, whilst the others moved up into the super to expand. This means next year I will either run doubles over winter, or have to check much earlier in spring to stop a repeat. Also, as my bees are from different sources I guess maybe one of the hives is more swarm prone than the others…




Thanks for joining in Julia… I maybe should have been clearer in my use of experienced Flow harvesters? I was indicating the developers might take a look at this, or have insight known to them already. I doubt anyone else has the experience to comment, otherwise I would myself as this is not
your normal “bee math” scenario, it is an emergency evacuation, or reads as such, a number of times over now.
As to excluder use?
I am not going to buy into that argument with folks running mediums or anything else over full depth broodchambers. And certainly not running the line here in the OP’s thread.



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