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Home made polish from surplus wax

Hi all - just wondering if anyone has made any furniture polish with surplus bees wax ?
I’ve seen a few ideas on the net, but wondered if there was anyone who has had any success in this forum ?

There was a time, and not that long ago, that all furniture polish was bees wax. Mt brothers business is restoring period furniture to original so stripping off the Estapol etc is a normal job to get down the the raw timber. He finishes of a job with clean bees wax if the manufactured period is right and I can’t supply enough for his needs. There is a huge untapped market for those that appreciate the value of bees wax.

Thanks for that advice so he uses straight bees wax ?


Yes Simon, straight bees wax as was used for the periods of furniture he works on. He is a stickler that everything is done correct for the period. He hand rubs the wax into the wood, a real traditionalist.

Try these, I use the gum turpentine recipe. You have to experiment a bit with it but ends up about 1:1 ratio for my paste recipe. If I am not happy I add some more of either wax or turpentine depending on the feel.

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Thanks - that’s exact;y what I am looking
for, !

David Corkill via Flow
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01/04/2020 05:29 PM

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