Honey Harvesting Texan Wild Flowers with the Flow Hive (video)

Published on Sep 28, 2016
Meet Roselyn from Rocking Wild Ranch in Meet the Beekeeper Episode 03. Watch as Roselyn and her 81 year old mother harvest their first ever Flow honey.


Loved your video, trying to find someone in the B/CS area that is using the flowhive

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I don’t know what B/CS is. But try doing a search in the top right hand corner of the forum with your area.
You can also look in this section: http://forum.honeyflow.com/c/connect-with-locals

Bryan College Station Tx

About 80 miles north west of Houston, Texas, USA for anyone else who didn’t know. Also home to Texas A&M - famous university for Agriculture and other stuff. Probably has a VERY good bee club! :wink:

Nailed it! Believe they have a very active bee comunity just haven’t had time to explore it yet. My wife’s family is from Freeman SD! Went up there a few years back and really enjoyed the visit

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I’m an hour and a half east of there just after Bastrop. If you’ll ever be over this way you’re welcome to check it out.

Wish I had been able to see it, maybe next time, thanks for the invite