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How to pay for shipping?


I have emailed twice and the response time is slow. I have paid for my order, but there is a $106 shipping charge, which I am happy to pay. BUT I am unable to find a way to pay it. If I go to “shop” I have to buy something. When I go to My Order page, nothing I click on will allow me to “pay shipping” SO my hives that were to ship in December, will not ship until I pay for shipping, but the directions I was given to pay STILL does not allow me to PAY SHIPPING. You need to have something in the “shop” that allows one to pay shipping cost without buying something.


Suggest you try sending an email to info@honeyflow.com, if you haven’t used that one before, as the company staff monitor that address. @Faroe and @JedT will hopefully see the issue and help you out.



We are really sorry about the problems you are having.
So are you unable to pay for shipping if you log into your account at https://www.honeyflow.com/user ?
Let me know and we will make sure we sort it out for you.
Again sorry about any difficulties.


That is correct. Nothing I click on will allow me to pay from My Order page and there is no option on the shop page to just pay for shipping.


We are really sorry about the confusion, and if anyone told you you needed to pay for shipping.
I just checked your order… your shipping is all paid and your order is queued for dispatch - It look as though you had paid for shipping when you purchased via indiegogo.
So sorry for the confusion.


Thank you!! I thought I had paid for shipping when I ordered, but the person I asked via email said I had not, so that is why I was trying to pay for it.
Thank you for being so prompt in getting this straighten out! I am very grateful.