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Payment Concerns


I’m trying to order 20 hives. I’ve been instructed to make my payment by wire transfer. This seems very unusual to me. There is zero protection for me with a wire transfer. I requested a different method of payment but I’m being told my only option is wire transfer. Is this normal? Has anyone else done this?



You sure sure your dealing with Flow-Hive n not the Crapy Chinese wanna-bee junk ! Maybe someone from Flow Headquarters will see this n verify ! That’s a lot of cash to go astray ! Gerald.


Hi Brandon,

I agree with the spirit of Jerry’s (@Gerald_Nickel) message.

You are rare amongst people on this Forum. Most of us have ordered one, two or the maximum I have heard 5 hives. However, I can tell you that in all of my dealings, Flow have shown full integrity, and have rapidly corrected any faults or missing parts. I would not be worried about the financial transaction from the point of view of customer protection, however, maybe @Faroe from Flow customer support can provide you with some more information. I don’t think you need to worry, but I understand the concern.


Brandon, I agree with Gerald, get onto the Flow Team before you part with your cash.


Hi Brandon, if the amount is over $5,000, then we have had limits on accepting payments with credit cards and paypal. So, customers have to do a bank transfer.
This has changed to $10,000 I think now.

I am not sure who you have been dealing with, but I would recommend you contact Flow directly through our contact page, if you want to make sure it is a genuine Flow purchase - https://www.honeyflow.com/contact/p/3

You can also send me a private message if you like with your order number or email address you used for your order, and I will look-into it for you.


Thank you all for your responses.

Initially, I called the number on the website (646) 876 8880 to inquire. I was told a sales rep would contact me by email. I have been dealing with a rep by the name of Maya via email. My order is arranged and I’m ready to make payment but I’m not comfortable doing a wire transfer. If something goes wrong, any number of things, I have no purchase protection. That’s a lot of trust to put into a new company located in a different country. Would anyone else feel comfortable doing a wire transfer of this kind?


My wife or I wouldn’t buy anything online from overseas unless we did the transaction through Paypal. I’m sure the large amount of money can be overcome through multiple smaller orders over a period of time.


Why can’t you just place separate orders to keep yourself under the limit for PayPal usage? :confused:

Oops, Jeff already said it.


Maybe he is getting a humongous discount for placing a single large order? :blush:


How can I say this politically correct…I can’t, so…

If Flow Hive couldn’t realize it was the same guy placing multiple orders to protect his financial safety and they yanked his discount they would appear dumb.


There IS a small matter of the %age Paypal charges to do the transaction.


Yes, I agree. I can’t imagine a business would expect otherwise. I messaged Faroe my info and my sales rep has been added to the message chain. Hopefully we can find a solution that makes me feel more confident.


Hi Brandon,

This is Sarah from Flow. Maya has been consulting with me in regards to your order.

I can completely understand your hesitancy, however it is our policy to only accept large payments via direct deposit transfer.

As a new company we have been the target of a few opportunistic fraudsters, so have implemented fraud preventing policies to protect our payment systems.

We have dealt with many bulk order customers, receiving payments via direct deposit and are yet to have an issue for either the purchaser or the seller.

If you are still uncomfortable with this arrangement I can ask Maya to break your order down into several smaller instalments which can be paid via Paypal.

Please email us through on info@honeyflow.com and we will assist you further with this.



Well, thanks. I’m still sitting here waiting to make my payment. I’ve been waiting for two weeks now. Today my invoice has expired and I’m told the rates have gone up. I will have to be quoted a new quote and it will be higher… I can’t get anyone to ever answer your phones. I’ve called probably a hundred times, morning, noon, and night, yet calls are never answered. Please explain to me and other potential customers why we should feel confident in doing business with Flow.


Hi Brandon. My experience is the same as @JeffH. Ive only had and heard of good dealings with the Flow Hive people. If anyone wasn’t happy with their honesty then I think you would have heard about here on elsewhere online. Bad news travels fast.
RE: phones not being answered, have you considered the different time zones?


G’day Brian, you must be confusing me with someone else. I don’t have a flow hive, nor do I have one on order, therefore I haven’t had any business dealings with them. A good thing for Brandon to do would be to see if someone on the forum would go guarantor, should flow go under before the goods are shipped out.


I was able to speak with someone today. I’m confident we are reaching a solution. I really appreciate the level of courtesy I received on the phone. Everyone seems to understand the concern. We’ll see how things progress :slight_smile:


Sorry Jeff. I thought you had a post in this strand saying you’d only heard good things regarding Flow Hive’s integrity and I was supporting that statement. I can’t find that post now so perhaps I misread it.
My dealings have always been excellent with a missing part being supplied pleasantly and promptly and all other enquiries dealt with in the same manner. Cheers.


as an online seller- I know it is important that I also feel confident when I take an order from overseas- and especially so when I take a large order.

Paypal and credit cards offer buyers protections: however things are not so good for sellers. Payments can be charged back, reversed, etc.The paypal dispute resolution process is heavily weighted in favor of buyers- and a nightmare to deal with for sellers. It can be abused by buyers as well.

Considering how large you order is- if I was Flow- I would be quite worried to accept it via paypal and would likely decline unless I already had a relationship with the buyer.

For what its worth- I would be prepared to bet money that the Flow people would never rip you off. They are simply not a company who would do that. Obviously it’s your money and your decision- all I am saying is I can understand why they may be wary about using paypal or credit card payments for such a large order- I know I would be.


Hi Jack, are you be prepared to go guarantor should flow go belly up before the goods a dispatched after payment?

The one dealing we had with Pay pal was that they communicated between me (the buyer) & the seller (in Thailand). A resolution was reached without any problems. We understood that if we wanted a full refund, we’d have to pay the cost of return shipping.

There is also the issue of the phone not being answered. Maybe Brandon’s number shows up, so they don’t answer it. Brandon might be a “customer from hell”. Sorry Brandon, just kidding:)