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I have not received my order


It was supposed to arrive in december. My account shows shipping is not paid. I have paid the shipping in March 2015, I have emailed the paypal payment details for the shipping 3 times. no response by honeyflow, NO UPDATE on my account. I am being NEGLECTED. I feel like I am getting SCAMMED. I am getting sick of waiting. VERY UNHAPPY. I’m out of $300. I have waited over 1 year.


Well, if you have an axe to grind you came to the right place. These folks will get you taken care of.


not an axe to grind, just wanting an answer. I am getting involved because my wife was not getting any feedback. She was so excited for so long, going to classes, joining beekeeping clubs, ordering books, and was very disappointed the last 2 months from no replies. Martin Bishop (shipping) got back to my emails 2 hours ago, he said he will help straighten this out.


Me too,
I’m still waiting my order.
My Order#10286444


I can see one of our staff in customer support has got back to your last email.

We are very sorry for the stuff-up, I can see you did email us informing us of the 2 different email addresses used for the different payments.
The staff member who should have handled your shipping payment properly is no longer working for the company.


Unfortunately it has been harder than expected to ship into Asia, with different customs, taxes, import laws, etc., affecting our shipments.

Our shipping team is still working with on the shipping logistics to get everything shipped.

I have been told that the orders shipping out through Hong Kong (Asian countries) are estimated to ship out the 3rd week in February.

You should receive an email with tracking info as soon as your order is shipped out from Hong Kong.

Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience.