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Question about the Indiegogo campain


I got the request after the campaign to pay for the shipping separately through indegogo, but following the link said that you could not do that. I emailed the owner of the campaign but never heard back (probably got about a million things to do to fulfill
the orders after such a successful campaign). So, how to complete at this point?


did you try this page?



Thanks. I will…


Sorry about any confusion @Goatherd. We are currently between sales points.
Our web team our building a new shop as fast as they can to enable people to purchase Flow™ products and pay for their shipping.
This page http://www.honeyflow.com/about-flow/buy-flow/p/121 has links to a sign up area where you will get notified when we come back online to take shipping payments again.
Rest assured that you will not lose your place in the line and there will be time to pay for shipping before orders go out (including Early Bird Early Delivery orders).


Hi JedT,
I clicked the link and there is only a place to sign up for up dates?
I am already signed up. Do you know when I might receive an email to inform me how to pay shipping?
I wish I had paid already but, I thought I did when I paid for the flow hive.


I have to admit I am still confused. I got the notice today to sign in and check my account to pay for the shipping, but still there doesn’t seem to be any link to do that. I signed in. I checked my order. But there doesn’t seem to be a “pay shipping” option. Or at least I am missing it somehow.


Sorry folks, there is a bit of work in setting up an online shop. We have started with only taking new orders. We are still testing to make sure people who have already ordered can login and pay for their shipping and everything matches up correctly. Thanks for your patience.