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Hydrid Super suitability


I have a Flowhive 2 Araucaria 6 and i was wondering if the 3 frame hybrid super would fit on my unit?

Any advice is “super”. Haha


A 3 frame hybrid will fit perfectly on an Araucaria 8 frame brood box. Another option would be to put a full Flow Super on the hive and when the hive is really working it strongly then add another conventional super. I have no personal experience with a hybrid super but some say the bees take a lot longer to work on the Flow Frames till the traditional frames are all capped.
Cheers Steve

Obviously can’t speak for other users’ experiences, but I’m using a hybrid super for the first time this season and it’s working beautifully. My bees started working the Flow frames before they started building on the traditional frames, and now they’re working both in parallel. Looking forward to my first harvest of comb honey this year.


Thanks for the response that makes me feel more confident in my purchase. :+1: