Inspired honey harvesting from the Pacific Islands to the Great Ocean Road (Video)

Published on Oct 12, 2016
Meet Julie a passionate Australian gardener who has rediscovered her love of beekeeping, a hobby she started over twenty years ago in the Solomon Islands.


Yes, we have such a lovely bunch of Flow users out there :slight_smile: Some even bringing tears to my eyes, especially the first one I watched -

I realise I put all the videos under the description and not under separate topics, so I will need to pull those videos out and re-organise :astonished:

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I just loved Julie’s excitement … That " WOW ! " was not put on but true meant. She has a soft enjoyable mannerism that is infectious. That is part of why Julie is head of her local garden club. Glad she has excellent experienced mentors to help direct her beekeeping course … I believe she will GO far n help others too ! Good going Julie. I’m also looking forward to my own first Flow-Honey Harvest up north here near Seattle. Did have some bees in the frames but too late n after our main nectar flow. Excited to be part of the Flow-Hive experience. Blessing n continued good luck !


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