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Interesting information from the hive scale


So in analyzing the information I got from the hive scale over the last two days it seems like about 1/4 lb of bees are being assigned to foraging based on the hive weight fluctuations up and down during the day. So estimating 7,500 bees in the package that means approximately 600-700 bees are out foraging right now.


Adam ! That’s some interesting data ! Thanks for sharing ! I worked in a bee yard early this Spring … They have weather station, weight scale, inside n outside temps n humid sensors too. All this is uploaded to a satellites n downloaded someplace. Our instructor has access to this data n is compiling it for usable research. Really interesting. I forgot you had the scale. Do you have other sensors too ??


The scale I have tracks weight and temp, and uploads the info to the bee informed project for research. I was looking at other scales with more features but they were way out of my budget


Adam, the ones we were working around n resetting to another hive was supported by some kind of grant.


What scales do you have and are they weather proof. Sorry if I missed it anywhere else.



It is a SolutionBee hive scale. Not as many bells and whistles as the Arnia but a much more approachable price tag as well.