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Is it Too Late to Start a New Bee Colony on Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast?


Is it too late for me to start a new colony of bees in the Flow Hive I have just completed?
We live on acreage on Mount Tamborine, Gold Coast.


Hi Jasper, no it’s not too late at all.



Your GOOD to GO ! Now if you lived up here in the Norhern Hemisphere … it’s kind of early n winter still. Temps in the mid 30’s to 40’s F ! I live near Seattle out in the foothills … my bees are waking up but not flying much (way too chilly) …

Good luck n take care,


Hi Jeff,
That is just what I needed to hear!!!
please let me know where I need to go from here to get my bees!
I have just ordered a second hive.
We live in an area where there are amazing Australian native trees full of pollen bearing flowers etc. and there are hives in the suburb that are thriving!


Hi Gerald,
Thanks, I am so keen to get started!


Yeah, just locate a colony of bees, a nuc with a nice young queen & go from there.


Again, thanks Mate!
The problem is finding someone in the region with a nuc and young queen.
Any suggestions?



You’ll true enjoy beekeeping. Not very day is success or failure … either way is one piece in the puzzle n everyday you can learn bit more. I have 6 hives now n trying to work up to 8 maybe. I keep two colonies over at my daughters property 15 miles away. If something goes wrong I won’t loss the entire group. Keep on keeping on bro ! Good to have you aboard !



That is a GREAT set up you have made. looks terrific!