Well the Flow Hive boxes are coming!

Had my text from DHL - My 2 complete Full Flow Hive Boxes are leaving PORTLAND, OR - MILWAUKEE - USA.

Tung oil is ready to go - Guess what I’m doing next week??

Flow Frames arrived Yesterday


Woohoo! Congrats! I cannot wait till February!

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They are at the local Airport :smile:

When were your’s due to arrive originally @Valli ?

September. Mine was the 31st Full Flow Hive order on the first hour

If you don’t mind me asking, When did you order it???

Mine was the 31st Full Flow Hive order on the first hour

How did you have enough time to consult the family Valli? or didn’t they see this coming? … :grinning:

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I’m s big Girl and my Daddy left me some money. I tell my Hubby what’s your’s is ours and what’s mine is my own. My Mummy always said have “Running away Money”.

No he’s cool really, seeing as though he just bought himself a newish car he can’t complain

Notification for shipment event group “Out for delivery” for 01 Oct 15.

Now I don’t want you all converging on my drive when the van arrives,.

My Flow Hives have arrived at my house!!!

Going home this arvo to unwrap


Awesome!! I’m in Portland too (NE in Grant Park) and can’t wait for my full flow frames to arrive. Are you starting from scratch or do you currently have healthy hives going? What’s your plan to integrate them? Are you apart of any local Beek groups? Would love to talk more about your future processes? Would you be up for a phone convo? Thanks.


I’ve go 2 hives of Carneolians One is last years Queen one this years. We have had such bad weather here they ate their honey and I had to feed them. They have capped plenty of stores now and the weather the last week or so has been brilliant - Put my Flow hive frames on and the girls are investigating. even if they start waxing them up ready it is a bonus.

I’ve only had bees since June but joined my local Club and association in April and been on several courses - all good. Learned loads and still learning all the time on the job as well as from the group.

Building my second Full hive today and painting both with Tung oil