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Kangaroo Island Queen Bees - 2016 Availability! (Shipping Aus-Wide ex WA)


Hi Everyone,

We now have our scheduled dispatch dates for batches of Mated Queens that will be ready for Summer/Autumn 2016.

We can dispatch direct to you from Kangaroo Island via Express post to Australia wide excluding WA (quarantine issues)

Dispatch dates are as follows:

January 25th
February 15th
March 7th
March 28th

Limited numbers available per batch.

Availability and to pre-order online at: http://thebunyipbeekeeper.com.au/kangaroo-island-ligurian-bees

The Ligurian bees are perfect for the beginner beekeeper and for urban environments. They come from the worlds oldest bee sanctuary (est 1885) Kangaroo Island which due to their bio-security rules, they are disease free as well as genetically pure.

Ligurian traits:

  • Both productive and very gentle.
  • Possess longer tongues allowing them to gather nectar from more floral sources.
  • They work earlier and later in both the hours of the day and the season.
  • The queen is easier to spot which is ideal for novices.
  • The queen is a prolific layer yet slows production during winter (uses less stores)
  • Low robbing behaviour
  • Excellent hive cleanliness

They’re mated and marked.
Pre-Orders are open for each of the above dates, limited availability so best to get in early to secure your queen/s.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly:

William Rogers
The Bunyip Beekeeper
Ph: 0487 100 001
email: william@thebunyipbeekeeper.com.au


Do you send to UK?..


Sorry, just within Australia


Hello William,

Where and how are your queens bred and mated?

I am just a little concerned that you refer to them as Ligurian (Apis millifera ligustica) when it has been shown that they are in fact hybrids sharing more similarity with the sub species A.mellifera mellifera. (European Black Honey Bee)

If you care to, you can read the full research review here

There is no doubt that the KI bees are very productive and easy to work with.




Hi Chris,

Where are they bred and mated? on Kangaroo Island

We refer to them as Ligurian due to the Ligurian Bee Act 1885 - they are as genetically “pure” as you’re going to get unless time travel is invented! :wink:




Did you read the scientific research I suggested?


Hi Chris,

I read the first page yes - (the rest of it requires me to buy/rent the publication), but regardless - they’re “Kangaroo Island Ligurians” the SA Government calls them Ligurians, they have been called Ligurians for 130 years.

I’m quite comfortable to call them Ligurians :smile:


All I can say is c’est la vie…


Hmm I am in Western Australia. How can I source these bees, please?


Hi Podger,

As far as I understand it, we’re unable to ship to WA due to quarantine restrictions.