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Aus: Vic Agent for Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bees - pre-order now!


I am the Victorian agent for Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bees and am based in Bunyip Victoria (Australia).

The Ligurian bees are perfect for the beginner beekeeper and for urban environments. They come from the worlds oldest bee sanctuary (est 1885) Kangaroo Island which due to their bio-security rules, they are disease free as well as genetically pure.

Ligurian traits:

  • Both productive and very gentle.
  • Possess longer tongues allowing them to gather nectar from more floral sources.
  • They work earlier and later in both the hours of the day and the season.
  • The queen is easier to spot which is ideal for novices.
  • The queen is a prolific layer yet slows production during winter (uses less stores)
  • Low robbing behavior
  • Excellent hive cleanliness

Nucs are $176 each. Scheduled pickup only.

Due to the number of orders coming in and limited stock, it is critical to pre-order your 5 frame nucleus hive as soon as possible. Hives are due in between October to November 2015 just in time for the September to December Flow Hive deliveries! As soon as they are due to come in, those who have pre-ordered will be notified of the due date.

Should you also require assembled frames (wired and wax foundation), these can be supplied at $6 each.

Please send us a message should you be interested with your email address, a pre-order invoice will then be issued to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly:

William Rogers
The Bunyip Beekeeper
Ph: 0487 100 001
email: william@thebunyipbeekeeper.com.au


Note: over a third of the available nucs have already been pre-sold.

William Rogers
The Bunyip Beekeeper


Interested… but am in Geelong, and would like to try and locate some local suppliers first. (Although expensive, these bees do sound very enticing).

A question however, if we’ve ordered a full Flow Hive, we’d just need the bees, and not any assembled frames, correct?

I do have beekeeping friends, so will be able to seek their advice when introducing the bees to the hive… I’ve not much idea, as you can guess.


There are a couple of different options, you may need to be more specific “Full Flow” or “Complete Full Flow Hive”?


If you’re referring to the “Flow Complete” package for $600USD - then I believe it does come with standard frames - whether if they’re assembled with foundation or not, I am not sure.

Introducing bees via a nuc is fairly straightforward with minimal stress compared to a swarm. Swarms occassionaly decided that they would prefer somewhere else! :wink:


ok, thanks for the info. yes, it’s complete full flow. will keep looking into it; we’ve got a local bee-keeping club too.


GOOD NEWS: I have just received confirmation from the Kangaroo Island bee breeder - That I am able to get another 50 Nucs for mid-December 2015 arrival!

PRE-ORDER is required, our last pre-order sold out within 30 days in winter! Be sure to order yours now: http://thebunyipbeekeeper.com.au/kangaroo-island-ligurian-bees

Note: Pickup only (unable to post) -> Pickup from Bunyip Victoria 3815