Langstroth Medium is Bigger than my Flow Hive 2?

I went to put a medium super on my Flow Hive 2 Araucaria 7 Frame and it is not the exact same size. Its an 1/8" wider and 3/16’shorter. i bought two different medium boxes and they both don’t match my flow brood box size. Did I buy the wrong type of medium super, or are their different versions of the medium that will match the flow brood box more flush? Shouldn’t they match more flush, or do I not have to worry??

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You don’t need to worry. Langstroth hives have notoriously variable measurements, but are usually within about 6mm (1/4") on any one side. Even in the US (not just Australia), some manufacturers make slightly bigger boxes, and others slightly smaller. It doesn’t matter to the bees, but it hugely concerns many engineers. :rofl:

Just center one box over another, and the bees won’t care.


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Does your roof still fit?

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No the roof does not fit on this medium box. The medium box full outside dimensions are larger then the inner cover. If I try and put the roof on the medium box it rests on it but it doesn’t fit.

Welcome Diddy - that is a bit disappointing, but a regular telescoping outer cover or a migratory lid should work fine instead.


Its the same for UK made Langstroth boxes (thicker wood). The over or under hang isn’t a real problem but the roof issue is.

I switched my UK boxes below the flow boxes so the roof fits.

If I have any flow boxes above UK boxes I’ve a traditional flat roof I use.


I have the same issue. I have an ideal over my flow super and had to use a different roof (a homemade job!). Here’s an idea of the variation between countries, not to mention manufacturers:


What I would do is neatly shave a bit off all around using an angle grinder with a sanding disc fitted… That would only take a few seconds.

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You can see from the box joints that the boxes use thicker timber which explains why the new box is longer. Odd that the new box is not as wide though.

I find it interesting that the American Lang and the Californian measurements are different. Is California not part of America?:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That is not quite true. Lang measurements all over the world vary a bit, by around a maximum of 5mm or 1/4". They have always been a bit sloppy, but the bees don’t care. At all. Not one bit. So it doesn’t really matter, except to engineers and architects…


and to the guy trying to put the roof on

and when it doesn’t - the bees :honeybee: will care


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