What top for a Flow Super?

Apologies in advance if I missed this with a search.

I’m considering adding a Flow Super on a 2 stack of 8 Deep Langstroth Brood Boxes. Will a standard Langstroth cover work with interior cover fit properly on top the Super?


Telescopic cover. No. Migratory cover. Yes. I’m pretty sure about this because I’m in the process of building mine from scratch. I’ve seen a Flow super with a flexible inner cover draped on top of the Flow frames so I know that works.

Disclosure: You might want confirmation of this advice. I still regard myself as very much a novice but I’m much less of a novice than a few months ago.

The boxes are all standard size Langstroth deeps. Any components made to fit those specs should work just fine.

Hi Adam, I recently read somewhere that they’re not using deeps, they’re using full depth. I’ve been wrongly calling mine “Langstroth deeps” when I should have been calling them Langstroth full depth". I saw full list of the available sizes for Lang frames. However I can’t remember where I saw it.

Langstroth Standard is Deep/Brood/Flow depth
Langstroth Shallow is normal Super
Langstroth Jumbo is the Super deep size

Not sure if there is officially a different name or deeper depth langstroth frame. But the manufacturer of the wood components uses the designations Shallow, Medium, and Deep on their website, and that is what I am used to seeing in the mail order catalogs as well. It’s probably easier to just refer to them by the common name that is generally accepted by the masses.

I have seen custom made frames that are the equivalent of two deep frames connected together in some of the natural beekeeping information I have been reading, but I have never seen them available for purchase. Their argument is that bees prefer large uninterrupted panes of wax.

Thanks for replies folks. New here and trying to really sort things in my mind before ordering my hive/components. One thing that has me a little puzzled with a cover (telescopic, migratory or other) is the little pull out wooden bar at the top of the box where you access the slots for inserting/turning the Flow Key. My intent is to modify a Langstroth 8 frame deep per the video/instructions, but I’m uncertain if a telescopic top or anything the hangs over the from presents a problem in access and removing this little wooden bar.

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I spent a great deal of time trying to work out the frames sizes

… and these are just for the Langstroth: then there is National, Commercial, Warre, Top bar, home made, Japanese Warre

Hi Adam, ignore what I said, I went searching after I posted but could only find basically what Valli just posted. I found one list that includes a “Jumbo”. As it turns out, I’ll keep on calling mine “deeps” or “full depth”

It gets worse

National are easy
Three box sizes only 14x12, Standard National, Shallow

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On the issue on covers, I use all migratory, that includes about a 40+mm space above the frames, separated by a vinyl mat covering the frames with a bee space all round for bees to access the lid space.

Hope this helps


Telecsopic over hangs 2 types 4" and 6"

Inner cover or Crown board

Top entrance (up-side-down obviously

In Britain we call this a shim can be used as an entrance

Pitched roof like the Flow

Not seen this before deep telescopic with an entrance

This I love bit more expensive but I have made made my new shims with an exit like this using Magnum ice cream sticks - it’s called a Snelgrove board - usually used to clear a top box of bees but I have used it as an entrance in a pinch

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This is a video of my lid/cover/top & vinyl mat strategy

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A snelgrove board is usually used in a Demaree to split a colony as part of pre-emptive swarm control, to make increase or to rear extra queens on a small scale. You’re thinking of a clearer board.
A shim is American for an eke.

One thing I have noticed is that the telescopic covers are very shallow. Are they a type of roof?

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I haven’t seen such a mat in use here in the UK.
We tend to use a crown board, as in Valli’s picture, which maintains the bee space over the frames. The bees will make a little comb but not a significant amount.
Poly hives are supplied with a flimsy plastic sheet which works in the same way.
I use 6mm polycarbonate crowns which you can see through :smile:


Yes you can use it for a demaree split (yes I know it was made for that).
I have a Snelgrove - I used it as an entrance when my SBB didn’t arrive. And can be used for clearing

The telescopic lids are usually 4" or 6" deep over hang - mainly to keep the weather out of the top box and allows for a bit of ventilation - they can have an extra rim inside just under the roof for ventilation

@Dee what roof do you have? nationals have telescopic rooves normally?

It was the word telescopic I couldn’t understand, never heard that.
The wooden Nats have 6 inch overhangs, the poly maybe 2 inch.
In the winter all my hives have 12 inch deep PIR roofs on the poly and a complete cosy on the wood. The reason for the extra deep covers on the poly hives is that although the bees propolise the crowns I like to keep the weather off where they sit as well as allowing room to feed fondant if necessary.
How deep are your Lang roofs?

They call them telescopic because the top of the super/brood box is enveloped by the lid - making the upper most box look smaller - telescoped in.

I have normal 2" I couldn’t see the point of the deep lids

A sheet of plywood and a brick or two work great.