Links to other sites should generate a new window

A suggestion. Whenever a link is clicked on this forum, it sends the user out to that site in this current window which loses the FlowForum point of departure window.

I would prefer that any link I click on, generates a new window so that I can close that window when done, and still have my FlowForum window sitting there as my last point of departure and a reminder of where I left off in my internet ramblings.

You can with a Mac, so I guess you can with a PC. With a Mac you just press [control] and left click, then select from the drop down menu (e.g. New Tab or New Window) which appears. I bet with a PC it is a CTRL click. :blush:

It is a web design issue that can be coded in to how this forum operates. I’m on a PC.

From a user interface issue I should not have to do extra clicks. :grinning:

Maybe so, but if you want it “NAO” as they say on the computer games, here is how. I looked it up for you:

Becomes second nature after a bit too. There’s also these combos:
_ Ctrl+Click to open a link in a background tab_
_ Ctrl+Shift+Click to open a link in a foreground tab_
_ Shift+Click to open a link in new window_

Like I said before, it is merely an issue with the design of the user interface on the forum, not needed now, but to improve the functionality, hence being put under the META category.

Thank you for looking it up, but that’s not really my point here. :blush:

Instead of left clicking the mouse, right click: From the menu select “open in new window”.

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Thanks…I’m using chrome on a laptop, but I do see those as options.

Background…I was taught that when designing a website, you don’t want your user flung out of your website when they click on a link. Once that user is gone and on to another site, you’ve lost them. So, the web designer made sure any link was ALWAYS opened in a new tab, leaving the original tab still open. You didn’t leave it up to the user to pick whether the link is opened in a new tab or not.

Old school I guess.

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I am running Windows 10 and my browser of choice is Opera. When I click on a link it opens in a new window, which I can close and carry on where I left off in the forum. It is a default setting as I understand in Opera.
You Google search for how your browser of choice can do this. Some experts argue phishing attacks are easier with this setting if you don’t have that covered with your antivirus.

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Thanks Busso. It must be a Chrome browser thing. There seems to be other Chrome users with this issue, and it’s all too hard to find some Chrome extension to allow me to customize it.

Guess I’ll have to get used to the right mouse click and extra steps recommended above. :unamused:

Wouldn’t a click on the back arrow do the job for you. That seems to work for me. Unless I’m misunderstanding your issue.


I agree that it can be done when the web page is developed and should still be available. I do it when I am designing pages. Its nice to be able to read an article when it opens in a new window when you click on it and then close it when you are done and go back to the original page you were on.

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I’ve editing that setting.
All external links should open in a new tab now.
Hopefully that works now. If there are any problems please let me know and I’ll have a look.


It works! Thanks @Faroe ! I now have the option in the Flow forum Preferences under Settings to tick the box ‘open links in a new window’ Woohoo!

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Thanks @Faroe. My middle finger was over-stressed with all of that right clicking lol


Awesome :slight_smile: You’re welcome :honeybee:

It seems that this issue is not fixed!..this is not web design issue, but coding issue.
I tried to right lick on links an find out menu “open in new window” however, it does not display.
in my point of view, Opening new page in new Window will be convenient for user to navigate the content. (I am using PC)