Looking for bees and they move in..wrong place though

I’ve got a colony of bees moved into the roof space above my patio.my hive is on the patio on the opposite side of the house :weary: anyhow.without taking my roof apart how can I get them to move 15 metres :joy:moving the hive is not a possibility…TIA

Hey Steven,
Welcome to the world of bees. Bees do what bees do. I’ve done a lot of cutouts from walls, eaves and the odd roof. The only way I’ve found success is to open the space to expose the comb and transfer the comb to frames secured with elastic bands. I use a bee vacuum to gently remove the bees, then transfer everything into a hive.

Your challenge is how to access the comb. Sometimes it’s easier to remove roofing from the top, other times might need to cut the internal wall open and repair later. Watch a few Youtube videos from “628DirtRooster” and “Jeff Horchoff Bees” to get an idea what it’s like. I also have some videos “@AussieMike’sBees” on YT.

I have tried the trap out method on buildings, but with little success. There are so many alternative ways for them to access the cavity, it’s nearly impossible to close them all.

You could leave them, but they will expand. With all that wax, honey and brood, other critters will come. Mice, cockroaches, wasps. If they die out for any reason, the unguarded and unmaintained resources could become a sticky, stinky mess. I’ve seen honey dripping through gyprock.

Good luck,

Jeez…ok buddy thankyou …I’ll have a looksy🙏

How long have they been there? If it is a new swarm and they don’t have comb built yet maybe you could entice them out with a frame of brood.

I think about 2 weeks .very busy inand out yesterday this is my first hive so I don’t have anything