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Mar 25 2016 shipping not send


Any news on 10129 Mar 25 2016 , i did not get any updates?


Last week my order went from paid/not shipped to paid/queued. Order was placed on 29 March. Seems like they are getting caught up on shipping orders but am curious how long after the order goes to queued that it actually shipped.


still waiting for support to contact …


Hi John

Don’t hold your breath. I placed my order back in Dec last year and am still waiting. My status has NEVER changed but I do get a couple of generic emails from Flow giving me updates. If they are true to their word, then they should have pretty much caught up on orders and delivery should be by end of this month - fingers crossed.


I have been in the "paid/queued " area for about two months now, haven’t asked when the frames will be in our if they have been shipped.


Thank you for the response @DanielUrban. I had seen others in the US getting their stuff shipped so I was wondering if they had gotten their inventory up so they could fill all these orders. I don’t mind waiting for something but after doing all the reading (books, forums, etc) I am ready to get going. At this point the Flow equipment will all be extra stuff for this season.


I received my frames yesterday.