Frames shipped!

I got an email today saying my frames shipped!

Wooo hoooo!


I received the email as well, very excited. :smiley:

@Larry_Winters, @Timbo2 When did you both order your frames?

Hi US Aussie, I ordered on 8th March 2015. Cheers Tim

I ordered mine on Feb 24th!

Best of luck!

I ordered mine on March 11th and have not received any communication about the frames even when emails are sent.Hopefully mine are getting ready to ship.

Rudy, did you get your hive?

Yep Larry the hive showed up right before Christmas which was perfect timing, my granddaughter is so excited. The weird thing is I was getting emails about the status but they just quit. I always check my spam folder just in case they could be going there, nothing. Everything still shows queued on my account log in page.

I spoke too soon. The shipment I received was the metal strip that wasn’t in my hive shipment.

Still waiting on the frames! :pensive:

Larry any more information on your frames??? Your post fro 18 days ago said they shipped so I would hope you have them. I have not heard anything on the status of mine.

Sorry Rudy I misspoke. I was missing some hardware for my hive and that is what they sent. I still haven’t received my frames.

I will let you know when I hear something.

Well January has come and gone and still no word on the frames for me, how about you Larry?

My order number is 10116067 and was bought on 2/24/15. The order says “queued” but no communication at all yet. I now you guys are trying hard, but, if you can, please let me know where my order stands. I have previously sent two requests for info, but have heard nothing back. No boxes, no frames - nothing.

Thanks, in advance, for any help. I’ve got lots of bee waiting for the flow this April.

Nothing yet! They told me early February. We will see!!

Yep Psyched I think that is what I find most frustrating in all of this the lack of communication. I have sent two as well and nothing here either.

I got my hive shipped to Sweden last week. Now waiting for the frames. The timing is perfect for the spring!

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Frames arrived here yesterday…WOO HOO!..i ordered frames only back on March 19th 2015. Hopefully you are all receiving yours soon as well.

Should also note, i never received shipping information until my frames we only 2 days out in the US and my account still shows as Queued.

Us_Aussie where in the states are you located, I am in Ohio? I ordered mine on March 11th 2015 and have heard nothing from anyone about shipping.

I just received mine today. Unfortunately the piece of wood that you put the observation window is broken. Seems like it was inspected right before packing as the packaging looks pretty good. Waiting to hear back if they’ll send me a replacement wooden piece.

i think you need to contact the FlowHive team, and the will then get in touch with @beethinking so they can ship you a new part. BeeThinking’s customer service is great!