Misplaced flow key

Somehow the key that came with the hive has been out in a special can’t lose that there place
And I can’t find it
I tried to order a new one for some reason it all US dollars and the price changes s I go through PayPal also I can’t select that I am in Australia in the address nz and canada and some US states are the only options
How do I order a replacement?

Also do the frames come supplied in the open position is odd if they do
I have only just put it on a full existing hive
Long story as to why
I see bees on the frames but it looks to be in the open position I want to close before they get busy

I would send an e-mail to info@honeyflow.com and the team will set you straight. If not, @Freebee2 has your back. :blush:

If your on the Scenic Rim (West of Brisbane in the Toowoomba area) then I suspect you somehow got into the Flow US site. On their Aussie site you can see, order and pay for the key. Lost my first and go a replacement quickly and painted it red on the off chance that I put it down and loose it again.
I can’t remember the position of the cells now but did find the wires on some of the frames were looser than others.

If the caps that fit into the recess where the hive key goes is in place, the frame is closed.
You can not fit those caps if the hive is open.

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The caps are in but the columns don’t look as I expected looking through the side window they look to be at the right heigh but one side further forward than the other.

Thanks I shall send them an email

This FAQ - “How to reset a flow frame” shows what the look like open or closed. They are set to closed when shipped but some may move in transit.

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The key arrived and naturally I found the lo

st key the next day :joy:
Taken 4 days ago

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Losing that key could be a blessing in disguise because I believe working 2 keys is easier than one.

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Very likely, they are now kept with the hive I won’t be losing them again, well hopefully anyway :grin:

If anyone in Australia is reading this and needs a spare key they can be ordered via this link https://www.honeyflow.com.au/collections/spare-parts/products/spare-flow-key

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