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Missing parts and bad service ....!

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Hello and welcome to the Flow forum.

Flow customer support is usually exceptionally good. Most of us here are just beekeepers, with the exception of @Freebee2, @Bianca and @danika. Now that I have tagged some Flow employees, perhaps they will be able to help you. They are probably going to want to deal with your problem off the forum, as this space is mainly for beekeeping issues. However, they will likely want your order number, and the e-mail address that you used for placing the original order.

I have to say that your experience is not the norm for Flow. They are an exceptional company with a very good product. I have been a happy customer for 6 years. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of this with you.


This really isn’t the place for customer service complaints, it is a forum about beekeeping in general with most people, but not all, having experience with flow hives.

Most people including myself have found that the service provided by Flow has been quite good, even if there were initial problems with shipping, damage, or otherwise.

I would encourage you to contact info@honeyflow.com or @Freebee2 @Bianca or @danika directly so they can help you with your concerns.


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“You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!”


No really, I’m game. What is the problem you’re having? Like @Dawn_SD said, I’m sure Flow will want to handle this offline because this is a beekeeping forum, not a customer service forum.

You joined the forum almost a month ago but have spent next to no time reading or asking questions or responding…

It seems you only want to use the forum to air your grievances like it’s festivus or something.

That’s just not what the forum is. Read around and you’ll see that we’re not just trying to snuff out your complaint.

But if it would help you feel that your concerns are being taken seriously, then put some substance in your message without vulgarity and maybe you’ll at least feel better in the mean time.


Hi Mickey,

I have sent you a private message.

Kind regards,

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