Order arrived :-) Parts missing etc :-(


We are very excited about getting started!!

The wooden components of our full system arrived today and I wanted to let you know about some issues we seem to have with what arrived.

8 x comb guides for frames
1 x Flow Key access cover for FLOW SUPER

Incorrectly sized:
1 x FLOW SUPER front panel
(The front panel included is 13.75" wide and the other ends (of the brood box and flow super are 14" wide)

Additionally I tried sending an email about this to the address provided with the shipment. Pics were attached to this email and I tried to send to founding.supporters@honeyflow.com. Google responded that the email address was not valid.

Please let me know of anyone else has had these issues?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Please email our customer service team at info@honeyflow.com and we will respond to you asap.

Flow™ Team
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I am missing 8x frame bottoms. I emailed the founding supporter address as well as via the contact form on your website. No word back yet.

Contact customer support through the Contact page - http://www.honeyflow.com/contact/p/3
Or if you are having problems with this - email them here - info@honeyflow.com

include your order number or the email address you used when you first ordered. You can get this by logging into the main site and looking at your orders. www.honeyflow.com and click “My Account Login”

Can you please PM me which email address you used to send email to us.

Just want to double check you emailed us where the green arrow points to, not the search bar?

The first half of my order has arrived, I am still waiting for the second shipment. I am missing the observation window, and the observation cover that goes over the window. It should be in cedar to match the rest of my hive. I too have emailed several times with no response. I am now on a time crunch. I need all parts now.

I can see your emails and the spare parts have been ordered for you.

Sorry if you did not receive a response letting you know that this had been processed for you.

Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!

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