Dissatisfied with Flow Hive

Hi Starla,

Sorry to hear you’re upset here.

I’ve just had a look with the CS team and it sounds like you may not be receiving our replies for some reason.

You are missing the 2 x Flow Frame sets for your 2 x Flow Hive Classics. My colleague Danika replied to your email 21 days ago (same day we received yours) letting you know that according to the tracking advice of your order we received from the courier (that was also sent to you), everything should have been dropped off by then. Danika asked if you could have a quick look around your house (the courier advice says that it was dropped off on a veranda) and get back to us with confirmation so we can take the corresponding next steps with your case for missing items.

Please have a search for this email in your inbox. Actually, we’ll reply to it again now so it’s back at the top of your inbox folder.

Where you say you still have been in the box, are you referring to nuc boxes that have arrived, or package of bees?

If they are in the nuc, ensure they are shaded if you are worried about them overheating and make sure they have an adequate safe water source.

Let me assure you that it is of our concern to help you as best as we can. Please reply to the customer support team email when you can so we can resolve this for you ASAP.

Yes Bianca I received YOUR reply that I should have received everything and I sent the pictures requested and as YOU requested me to look around the property and I responded to your email I did. I received your email today to view my previous email from you and to again have a look around my property. How many times would you like me to look considering I ordered these months ago? I always receive packages the same place and there’s no other options. Like I said in my response to your email you sent me today, a waste of money and time. People make mistakes and deliveries do as well. I only received two boxes that had the frames for two stackable boxes each and nothing else. Again, my loss!
Interesting that I had received that response from you 21 days previously and still have not been able to receive any additional support. You were done.

Hi Starla,

Looking at the email thread you’re having with the customer support team, FedEx has not delivered all of the items that their tracking advice states they have (2 x Flow Frames boxes are missing).

I hope you’re able to cooperate with the CS team so we can resolve this for you ASAP. My colleague Birralee sent you an email Tue, 31 May 2022, please respond when you can so we can take the necessary steps in order to do so. We appreciate your patience and cooperation, and please understand that it’s really important to us that you do receive all of your items.

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I am willing to copy. What information do you need aside from what I have already provided? I am willing to send again. I received two large boxes and each had the frames. What items belong inside those boxes I have no idea as I never received them. I do have two bee outfits as well which came separately. I sent the pictures of the boxes with nothing to put inside each of them. Please let me know what I am missing and I have to order again.

Thank you

Hi Starla, as you can see the Flow Forum isn’t monitored as closely as our customer support emails are. Sorry it’s been 9 days since my reply regarding this.

Please refer to your emails from info@honeyflow.com in order to let the CS resolve this for you ASAP. I will notify the team what you have written here and they will follow up.

Please keep the forum available to you for beekeeping questions and research and refer to our email support (info@honeyflow.com) for everything else including orders.