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MIT is looking for Aussie beeks in Sydney and Melbourne


Hi All,

We just received a message from a researcher from MIT Media Lab looking for beekeepers in Sydney and Melbourne to participate in a research project. Here are the details if you are interested:

“Hi, Kevin Slavin here, I lead the Playful Systems research group at the MIT Media Lab.
Unrelated to (but perhaps sympathetic to!) Flow Hive, we have some research that leads us to seek out beekeepers in Melbourne and Sydney.
For the decidedly non-commercial project – which ultimately concerns urban metagenomics – we are looking for Melbourne and Sydney beekeepers who are using Langstroth hives.
It’s a chance to participate in some cutting-edge research about what bees can teach us about the world around us.
Please feel free to get in touch directly at slavin@media.mit.edu