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My first split, very successful

Hi all, very excited about my first hive inspection after my hive tried to swarm on 17/9 and then had to perform an emergency split. On inspecting both my original colony and new 5 frame nuc today, 7/10, a have success. Both have a new ‘mated’ queen. Both colonies had brood and eggs. I thought they looked so beautiful I took photos and would like to share with the beeks on the forum. I must say it has been a nervous 3 weeks :wink: Hope you enjoy, regards KSJ

Hive 1 - Queen

Hive 1 - Eggs

Hive 2 - Queen

Hive 2 - Capped brood, larvae and eggs


Very well done. Both are beautiful queens! In fact, as @JeffH would say, each of them is a ripper!!



I agree Dawn, they are both ripper queens. It’s always nice to find that first patch of sealed brood. Well done @KSJ .


Great job! Congratulations looks very successful