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My name is Annette Anderson


Hi My name is Annette Anderson and I live in the Northern Beaches NSW and I am keen to connect with any beekeepers using Flow as I wish to get started and keen to learn form others in the community. Thankyou


Hi Annette, pleased to have you onboard. There are a couple of us here in your area. I run Flow frames in a 10 frame Langstroth hive along with a few other hives and a small honey business in Lindfield near Chatswood. Do you have your Flow hive setup and bees as yet?


HI Rod Thankyou for responding. I have not purchased anything as yet as still in the investigative phase. I am thinking of learning what I need to know from a local group who are established nearby sow hen I purchase I purchase the right things. I am not even sure at this stage where to buy the bees.



You are welcome to come along to one of our bee Field Days located at Terrey Hills. The next one is at 10:30am Sunday 29 May, this will be a special day as Stuart Anderson (Co-inventor) has agreed to come along and make a presentation on the Flow Hive.
As for bees, we are just going into winter, no bees till late september-october.


Hi Rod I had looked at that site and had seen that there was a field day coming up. I will aim to come on that day.
I envisaged that I would not be able to start a hive until Spring so this gives me time to understand it and see if it is something I would be able to do. Thankyou for your advice and I will introduce myself to you.