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New to bee keeping in Maryland


Hello everyone. My name is Annetta. I just ordered the Classic Flow Hive Beehive. Looking forward to receiving it in time for me to assemble it, before my bees and queen get here. The only thing I have to order yet is the protective wear.

I’m looking forward to learning all I can to be a good Bee keeper.



Hopefully you have not ordered your B’s yet, timing on getting your hive set up, if this is your 1st and receiving your B’s is going to be crucial. Flow hive group has been doing a great job communicating the demands of their product thus far. What they do not have control over or a great handle on yet is the manufacturing process and potential delays. Whatever timeframe you were given to receive your hive body I would pad it with a couple of months. You do not need your flow frames until several months after your B’s are established and that still may be too soon.,

Welcome to the forum there is a lot of great information here and fantastic people.


Read, Read and prepare yourself. Tools and jackets and gloves, find an area where you will place the hive. make a base of block or build a frame or just a pallet on ground. But internet and books will get you up to speed. Locate a place to purchase your bees, look at the type you would like to have. Where can you perchase your supplies from wax, and a brooder box and supper first when they have set up house keeping for themselves, this means a brood box full of bees and a supper on top of brood box. One can then add, myself I would add a second brood box making 2 and one super. Then when both brood are doing good lift off super and place the flow box ontop. Bees needs first then your needs for honey can be put in action.


It would serve you well to pick up an eight frame deep bottom board, hive body, inner and outer cover. This way you can start your bees on time (April/May) and not have to worry about Flow shipping delays. You’ll need it anyway because in Maryland, you’ll want at least two deep boxes for the broodnest before adding the Flow super with Flow frames. The complete Classic Flow Hive only comes with one brood box. Good luck :slight_smile: