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Reaching out to Beekeepers in Byron Bay and Mullumbimby


Just bought and assembled my first flow hive and wanting to connect with locals in the Byron area. Seems the “Find a local Bee club” page is not up and running yet. What’s the best way to source a new hive. Should I buy online from interstate, or am I better finding a local beekeeper to get my first hive going? Is there a beekeeping club and courses in this area please?


There is one chap from Byron on here but we have not seen him for a bit.


Northern Rivers would be the closest.


Hi Bryan, I am in Byron, did a beekeeping course a couple of years ago at the community college, they ran one recently but there is not another planned as yet https://www.byroncollege.org.au/courses?s=Bee . I got my bees from the teacher, he comes up from Coffs, they are lovely bees. I dont know of any suppliers nearby. :honeybee::honeybee:


Hi Jules, thanks for that info …


Thank you Rodderick…I’m surprised there isn’t a group in the byron shire but I guess Alstonville isn’t that far!


Hi Bryan, I have recently joined this facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mullumbimbees/ , there may be nuc suppliers in this local network :slight_smile:


hey ,thanks for the tip Jules