New to the Forum? Introduce yourself!

Thanks for the kind words and warm welcome.

I have literally been reading and watching vids for the past few days countless hours learning more so then I thought I would. I have always found nature so soothing and interesting. I moved to the countryside in the middle of no where just to be closer to the nature side. I think that is what interests me into becoming a future beekeeper. It’s not just about the honey, but it’s about working with the general amazing creatures as said.

The only thing that is stopping me is being afraid of not doing something correct or ruining it before I even get it started. Also learning about the diseases and brood checks that are needed. I watched vids and read alot but to me it’s not the same as being taught in person. Again though, thanks for the warm welcome! :slight_smile:

Hi Rodderick,

Great to hear from you :slight_smile:

I would love to attend on July 17th.
However, not sure if I can get there at this stage as I have another commitment.
Anything can change though!

Thanks for the links. I’ll follow them through and be in touch.


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Hello everyone :grimacing: New to the forum. Thanks to the Flowhive me and my wife became Beekeepers just a few months ago. Can’t wait to learn from you guys. We sure have been learning from books, videos and from our local beekeeping club. I placed a question on the forum and hoping someone can help me out with information. Thanks. We’re from Dania Beach, Florida :us:

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Hi Yari

I now have a Flowhive & a top-bar which I made from plans before I knew that the hives would be different sizes. The T-B hive is the size of a National Hive. You live and learn.

So how has the flowhive worked on your T-B hive? I have just got a new swarm in mine 3 days ago & I’m so looking forward to having a look inside but will wait for couple of weeks. I’l Build a T-B hive the same size as muyFlowhive over the winter so I can be prepared when they swarm next year, if I can get them through the winter!!!

Hi - I am from Vienna / Austria
My father used to be a beekeeper and as a child and youngster I worked with him and learned a bit about beekeeping.
He stopped this hobby about 25 years ago.
Now I decided to work less and start beekeeping again.
My husband Michael who is always interested in new technical developments showed me the webside of Honeyflow and we decided to try it. After refreshment of theroretical an practical knowledge I got my first two populations on the first of May
I am connected to a local beekeeper association, but none of them knows about Flowhive. They are curious, but skeptic - kind of laughing at me, thinking this will never work.
So I am really glad that this Forum exists, I already received good advice from some of you
Cheers Maria


I am new to beekeeping and live in Culpeper. I received my Flow Jive this pat week and am excited to put it together.

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My name is Chuck and I am thinking about starting a bee keeping experience. I have never done anything like this, but it has always been a curiosity of mine…plus I love honey. I am an American that now lives in the Netherlands and would appreciate any advice from fellow bee keepers on what to do and where to start.

Hi there I am brand new and set up my hive just recently. I have learned alot on the forum. For me I think it is an experiential type thing. I took class and am comfortable around the bees. But then I got the bees and wanted a bee buddy and no one around. I found mine here and they gave me the confidence I needed through their knowledge to open my hive and do what needed to bee done. There were equipment issues, I never lit the smoker in class and all the stuff I thought I knew went out the window when I opened it up and bees were all over. No they didn’t sting but I am thinking they will fly away. Oh my I have so much to learn. I was not gentle in closing the top forgot to move the bees away now I look at vidoes to see how they are handled. I say it is like having children. I say if you have not take a class. Flow hive is just a way to retrieve honey but all the other bee keeping stuff is still the same. You actually add a layer of equipment complexity with the Flow Hive. Pick a spot and get your hive. Then you can learn all about BEES and seasons. Thats where I am at trying to learn do we even have winter for bees here in Hawaii :slight_smile:


What is the color on your hive entrances?

Hy ManaHui
My hives entrances are green and red, you could see it on the picture I posted
I agree, there is so much to learn, but it is realy exciting and I love it !
Good luck to you !!!
Cheers maria

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Fascinating, I see those as turquoise and pink. Maybe the lighting conditions, I suppose. :blush:

You are right, it turns more and more into pink and turquoise, l guess the coulor is changing due to the UV-light - but the camara is overdrawing :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi! I’m very excited to be joining! I have some bees at an apiary near where i live, and i should be bringing them home next week! I’m nervous but very excited!

I have encountered a lot of resistance from some very experienced old bee keepers, the younger ones seem more encouraging. I think i just need to prove them wrong! I’ve got SO many questions and i need to get used to the forum, but i hope to get to know you all really well!
Sally - btw i am in the UK!

Well, you are in the right place to find encouragement and help. We all love bees, and most of us love Flow hives too! :smile: There are several excellent UK beekeepers on the forum too, but I am sure that you will find experience from all over the world is still relevant to keeping bees where you live.

Welcome to our community! :blush:

thanks so much Dawn! I’m finding my group locally to be very helpful and supportive - but very sceptical about the flow hive! i was expecting that though tbh!

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The paint is for design and not for reason? Ha that is how new I am :slight_smile:

Hello! I live in Flower Mound, TX and just purchased the Flow Hive this morning. I have never kept bees, but took an intro class last year in Rockwall, TX. I had been trying to decide whether to go with the standard hives, or take the leap and get the Flow Hive. After I saw the Indiegogo on-line promotion, I just had to try the Flow Hive and see for myself.
I have some time to prepare a nice living space for the bees and the Flow Hive in the center of my suburban backyard before I anticipate getting bees for February 2017. Does anyone have a link to photos that show a nice set up of landscaping and attractive fencing for the bee area? I did find a video on this site today that shows the area under the hive as artificial grass. I never thought about doing that! No mowing and little upkeep for sure. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you and good luck to everyone.

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No need to tell them you have a Flow hive Sally, the brood box on the bottom is the same as any 8 frame langstroth hive which is the most commonly used throughout the world. Having a Flow hive extraction system just means you won’t need to beg, borrow, buy, steal all that extraction gear that can cost thousands.

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Hi Tina,
Happy to have you onboard, I have just recently moved my hives from being on grass to being on a bench over stones (we call it blue-metal here), I still need to mow and have modified my bees to be docile as possible. Mowing near the hives is easier now that the bees temperament is quieter and I am rarely stung in the backyard. You only need a 3-4 foot clear space around your hives for working and ventilation space, a fence is only needed for screening or keeping out destructive animals or potential theft. But its entirely up to you how you want it to look as the bees are highly adaptable and they won’t care.


Hi Rodderick! That looks really nice and I love the chickens, too. Are your bench slats pure wood, or maybe what we call here, Trek wood, which is a durable, manufactured decking material? Do you have bee friendly flowers and fruit trees in your yard? I want to do everything I can in preparation to spoil my future bees :slight_smile:
Thanks again!