Flow Team - Indiegogo suggestion

I’d get more than one T-shirt if it wasn’t $10 each to ship them.

As the campaign perks stand, a person can only order one + shipping at a time.

Hint Hint. :slight_smile:


Aah I see what you are talking about!
Another curiosity is why put the hoop pine which is only available in Aus in $US???
Pretty sure the cedar boxes ordered in Aus aren’t made in US either. Please correct me if I’m wrong… (I frequently am…)
I’m also glad I didn’t buy more Flow hives between now and the founding campaign otherwise I may feel slightly jilted.
Oh wait, I did…

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I am also rather confused in that I received an email about this, but can’t seem to order via the indegogo site to Australia. Is it only for US and Europe ?



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Very nice t-shirts, I would order 4 or more if the shipping could be bundled. :blush:

Yesterday I ordered the complete flow hive,

I wanted the exact same set up as my other hive. This will make number 2, I am so excited I just hope next year goes as smoothly as this year but I’m not totally believing that.

I wanted to order a shirt but on top of the shipping cost for the hive it was $10 also for the T-shirt. I sent an email to the flow team, they replied back early this morning indicating that they’re coming from different distribution centers so I could combine my flow hive and T-shirt together to reduce shipping cost.

I do not need a slew of T-shirts, I already have boxes of old ones in the attic that I can not part with :slight_smile: I was just looking for one and I don’t want to spend $10 shipping for one T-shirt i.e. 30% more money, yes I’m whining. :disappointed_relieved:

Wish they could have given this a little bit more thought and got T-shirts at all their distribution centers so people could combine orders.


Unfortunately the nature of Indiegogo only lets you select one perk at a time. Therefore shipping cannot be combined.
The organic T shirts are made in Australia and they are for fundraising, with all profits going to the Rainforest Trust and they are based on demand at the moment.
I’m not sure if they will be available through our shop later.
I will ask the team and hopefully hear back soon in regards to purchasing more that one t-shirt with cheaper shipping, and also if they will be available after the Indiegogo sale.

Thank you @Faroe. I definitely wanted multiple shirts, but couldn’t stomach $10 ea. for shipping.

No problem, we’ll see what the team says.

I was hopping this could be done thru you website and not Indiegogo, us putting in a code or something to get the discount. I just cant stomach the $10 shipping for a t-shirt period.

$10 shipping for 1 shirt from Oz is a bargain @Martydallas when you think about it. $50 for 5 on the other hand, is not a bargain :wink:

Although it may seem easy to just chuck a new product on our web shop, it is actually not that easy. First code, etc for the website, then they then need to be added to our dispatch warehouses, product SKU’s have to be added and matched, and shipping allocated for each country, etc., etc.

If they become available through our online shop I will let you know, I have not heard back yet if they will be available later.

Sorry, sorry please I am sorry y’all have done such a great job and yes I know it’s very difficult to do some things. I have wished I could have done something different at times, but circumstances were out of my control that would not allow it, that’s all I was making comments about above.

The flow team has done a fantastic job and continues to do one. I don’t want to even have to think of everything that goes into play in doing something like elf done. I don’t and have never done anything remotely like what you’re doing, I design hospitals/architect and I know it is complicated and many things outside of my control or a doctor or nurse is control or wishes. Each of us have specialties and for us to all realize that were always doing our best is important,

And that I thank you and sorry if you or your team took this as criticism I did not mean it that way.