Nuc Hives & Hive Maintenance Service - The Bunyip Beekeeper

I am a fully insured (Products & Public Liability) and Registered Beekeeper (R260) based in Bunyip Victoria (Australia) and provide services between the Eastern half of Melbourne through to Tralalgon and including down to Wonthaggi.


  • Bee Hive Lease / Rental / Hosting Service (subscription based)
  • Bee nest removal and relocation
  • Swarm Collection
  • Unwanted/Abandoned Hive Recovery
  • Hive (brood) Health Check (adhoc or subscription based)


  • Queen Bees from Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bees (pre-order required)
  • 5 Frame Nucleus Hives from Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bees (pre-order required)
  • Raw Honey (currently out of stock)
  • Comb Honey (currently out of stock)
  • Soaps/Lip balms made by Lather Up Australia from our beeswax/honey
  • Assembled frames with wax foundation.

If you already have a hive (or have ordered one) and would like regular hive/brood health checks please feel free to contact me direct.

We’re the Victorian agent for Kangaroo Island Ligurian Queen Bees and will be able to supply both Ligurian Queens and 5 frame Nucleus Hives towards the end of 2015 - just in time for your Flow Hive deliveries! :smiley:

Pre-orders are required as there will be a limited supply. The Ligurian bees are perfect for the beginner beekeeper and for urban environments. They come from disease free Kangaroo Island and are both productive and very gentle. Please send us a message should you be interested.

William Rogers
The Bunyip Beekeeper
Ph: 0487 100 001
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Ligurian Nucs for the 2015 season have sold out on the pre-order, however there may be more available - please contact me to join a waiting list.

I am also catching commercial quantities of local swarms which I resell to beekeepers - either hobbyist or commercial.

Details are now online at

William Rogers
The Bunyip Beekeeper

Hi Everyone, our bee production for Spring/Summer 2016 is already selling out quickly.

Currently available:
Mid September: Package Bees - $121 each (Victoria only)

Interstate Delivery: Kangaroo Island Liqurians - Delivered to Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney: $242 each
Interstate Delivery - Bunyip Caucasian/Ligurian Hybrids: Delivered to Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane: $198 each

Kangaroo Island Ligurian - Victoria Pickup: $220 each
Bunyip Hybrids - Victoria Pickup: $165 each

Mated and marked Queens:
Kangaroo Island Ligurians $33 each plus express post shipping
Bunyip Caucasian/Ligurian Hybrids: $33 each plus express post shipping

Queens can be shipped to anyware in Australia except for Western Australia. Note: Tasmanian queens will occur an additional health certificate fee.


William Rogers
The Bunyip Beekeeper