Number 8 hardware cloth

Does anyone know of a supplier of 3mm mesh in Australia? The Yanks use it all the time but I am stumped finding a source in Oz.


Im a Brit and the name “hardware cloth” still confuses me. I think that’s your problem. In the English speaking world we call it mesh, being in the UK I don’t know any Oz specific vendors but a quick google gives plenty of sites like this.

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Thanks for the reply but I am looking for retail outlets. Those places are not interested in my mini order.


Rob- I’ve been trying to source stainless steel mesh- in Australia it’s absurdly expensive: around 90- $100 per meter. I rang all over Australia and couldn’t find a better price. Then I found an NZ supplier: $26NZ per meter! I am trying to see if they can ship to me in Australia- even with postage it will be less than half the price and I just can’t bring myself to pay the inflated rubbish Australian price… Message me in a few weeks if your still looking- hopefully I can work out the nz mesh connection… In the meantime you could look on eBay- there are sellers there who do small orders of 1 meter.

Did you try Amazon? That is where I got mine.

Have you tried Termi Mesh?

Thanks All, I am going to try This from Amazon.