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Olive oil press

left field question but i’ve got a couple of olive tress and fancy making my own olive oil. Can anyone recommend a domestic press to do this?

Have you looked on EBay with a search “olive oil press”???
This is a bee keeper forum and they are not used in bee keeping so I can’t recommend one for you.

yes, there is a bewildering choice- but do they work?
i’m hoping someone has used one :slight_smile:

Make sure you read the warning on pressing olives. Machines seem to be more suited to seeds.

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I am sure if you Google “review of olive press” you will get more and quicker information than on here.

@Semaphore has one.
Alternative extraction methods- Honey presses, etc

Adam is asking about a press for extracting olive oil. I wonder if a honey press would be too light for the job, but it is food for Adam to consider, A quick look on EBay shows that they are rather more heavily built and operated by an electric motor, but maybe there is enough oil in the seeds to crush them for extra oil. Cheers

Yes Peter, correct, and if @readingfc was to look through the linked thread he would see that olive presses are discussed.
Hence my linking the thread.

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